Ghislaine Maxwell: Notes on a Scandal Part 2

Gary O'Toole
5 min readNov 6, 2021


Image by Phil Botha on Unsplash

Ghislaine Maxwell has been charged with enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury. There are some interesting correlations with Prince Andrew’s chart which I examined in Notes on a Scandal Part 1.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s North and South Indian Horoscope

Ghislaine Maxwell born 25 December 1961 at 3:20 PM, Maisons Laffitte, France. Rodden Rating AA, BC/BR in hand

Maxwell has the same Kāl Amṛta Yoga combination Prince Andrew has, when all planets are on one side of the lunar nodes, moving towards Ketu. As with Prince Andrew, if this were someone with another background, perhaps she would have found the spiritual dimensions this combination suggests. Perhaps she is finding her spiritual nature as she awaits trial in prison.

Either way, this combination brings extremes in life, major ups and downs. Losses are of course possible, as Ketu has the power to remove things. In fact, you could say that all of her current troubles began when she lost her father. Note Ketu in her 9th house. It was after that that she moved to New York and become involved with Jeffrey Epstein.

One of the main issues with the nodes is that they can show a sort of primitive survival instinct that can show someone doing something they never thought they were capable of, just to survive.

Unlike Prince Andrew, who has his Ārūḍha Lagna, AL, or ‘attained ascendant’, with Ketu, Maxwell has hers with Rahu, along with the Moon. These are in Cancer and Ashlesha, bringing out the baser, more primitive aspects of the sign, and the more challenging aspects of the Sarpas, or serpent deities, which rules this lunar mansion.

The end of Cancer and Ashlesha is a tricky juncture in the zodiac, showing manipulations; either of manipulating energy for healing, or simply manipulations. Both can be true. Either way, this brings out Cancer’s more primitive instinct to manipulate others.

Cancer is her 3rd house of sexuality. This would certainly explain her ability to attract and snare unsuspecting young girls with the promise of safety and security. Cancer Moon shows her mothering persona, which, according to reports, often flipped to a darker tone of manipulation and outright threat when challenged. Rahu is a shadow. It’s about survival at any cost. Oftentimes, it is at the cost of the person’s safety — the very thing they are wishing to protect.

Maxwell and Prince Andrew have other similarities in their charts. They both have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Are they part of a bigger picture of the take-down of the establishment at this time? I think so. Maxwell plays an even bigger role as this conjunction is placed in Capricorn, where these planets met in December 2020.

They both have a Venus-Mars conjunction, a combination that can show a sort of get-what-you-want, type of thing, whatever the person you are getting it from has to say about it!

They both have a Mercury-Sun conjunction. While it’s not an uncommon combination, and can show great intelligence, how this is used, and for what purpose, is the question, I guess.

Another striking similarly is that the nodes are in the same house position in both charts: Rahu in the 3rd and Ketu in the 9th. Just as with Prince Andrew, this can show a lack of sound advice, or an inability to listen to those who would attempt to give wise counsel. Part of Maxwell’s story was the tragic loss of her father, the tycoon Robert Maxwell, as well as the uncertain circumstances surrounding his death. Whether he ever was able to offer her sage advice is debatable, considering his background and reasons for his own demise.

The combination of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu in her 9th house shows some blessings (Jupiter’s debilitation is mitigated by Saturn), but many more complexities. She paid a big price for the riches she was afforded; it seems. The theme of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn is a sort of boom-bust scenario and is one of the transits that show why Prince Andrew and Maxwell are in the positions they find themselves in at this time.

The timing of her arrest and sex scandals is clear from her timeline. First, her planetary cycle (Vimshottari) is that of Mars. This began in 2016. Mars is her 7th (relationships) and 12th (hidden activity) house ruler, placed in the 8th house of scandals.
Her sign-based cycles also show the timing, with Cancer active since 2012 (Chara), and an Aries cycle (Narayana) since December 2020. Aries clearly points to her imprisonment. She was arrested in July 2020. Cancer’s cycle activates Rahu. This is yet another similarity with Prince Andrew, as they both have Rahu active in the sign-based cycles.

As soon as she began her Cancer cycle in 2012, she began a charity organization called the TerraMar Project, an environmental non-profit organization. Many commentators believe this was a smokescreen to improve her public image (AL), and we can certainly see the Cancer Moon conjunct Rahu playing both roles; the caring philanthropist; the master manipulator.

Her next major planetary cycle, after Mars, is Rahu. This begins in 2023, when see begins a sub-cycle of Aries within her major Aries cycle (Narayana), i.e., Aries-Aries. This will more powerfully activate her 12th house, after Rahu transits her 12th house in 2022. This is just after she experiences a Cancer sub-cycle within her major Cancer cycle (Chara), i.e., Cancer-Cancer, which further activates Rahu.

Vimshottari (Moon-Based Cycle)
Mars: 2016–09–02–2023–09–03
Rahu: 2023–09–03–2041–09–02

Chara (Progressed Sign)
Cancer: 2010–12–26–2022–12–26

Narayana (Life Direction)
Aries: 2020–12–25–2028–12–25

The transit of Venus, her Taurus ascendant ruler, will station retrograde in Capricorn, her 9th house in December, returning to her 8th house in by the end of December. Mars will transit her 6th house by the time the trial is due to begin, on Nov 29, 2021. This occurs in the middle of two eclipses, with a partial lunar eclipse on Nov 19 in her 1st house and a total solar eclipse on Dec 4 in her 7th. Mars will move into her 7th house in the hours following the solar eclipse. This will likely dredge up many of the sordid details from the past and her relationships — with Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Andrew, I imagine.

Venus is the planetary sub-cycle (Bhukti) as the time of the trial, i.e., Mars-Venus cycle, and will bring out all of the 8th house scandals.

There are some mitigating factors when we consider Mars and Venus’ rulership and placement. Mars is the 12th house ruler, which shows her imprisonment. But because this is placed in the 8th house, it is a sort of ‘double-negative’. This is called Vipareeta Yoga. Venus forms the same yoga, as the 6th house ruler in the 8th. This combination can show a reversal, where the person somehow overcomes the challenge, or wins out due to someone else losing. Yet these planets also rule her ascendant and 7th house, so it is unlikely she will avoid some form of punishment.