Grounded with Mars & North Node in Taurus

Grounded. Sounds good, right? Not if you are trying to fly!

The grounding of 777 flights around the world is a good example of Mars having just entered Taurus alongside Rahu, the north node of the Moon, as Venus transits Aquarius, Rahu’s sign. It highlights, not only the possibility of Mars getting stuck in Taurus, but the square aspect and contrast/conflict between it and Aquarius. Taurus is an earth-dominant sign, Aquarius, air-dominant. These signs are both fixed. Being an earth sign, Taurus is more set in its ways. Rahu is pushing for change; economically, in our relationship to our basic needs and in what or who we value.

After many months of the volatile and energetic Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus, you may welcome this grounding. And while Mars is not as strong in Taurus, feeling a bit like a ‘bull in a china shop’, there are ways in which we can express the energy.
We can ‘bloom where we are planted’, which is good advice for any transit, I guess. For Mars transits in Taurus, this becomes even more pressing. Think of someone working in the garden, putting all their energy into the oftentimes back-breaking work. That is a better expression of Mars in Taurus than allowing the energy to build with no outlet.

Taurus represents resources, what we value, including family, community, wealth, and fixed assets. Mars and Rahu’s transit here could create problems around these. The economy is another sign of Taurus in operation, which is likely to become even more volatile.

Taurus is all about having our needs met. Rahu in Taurus can block our basic needs. Even if we have our needs met, we may be hyper vigilant to any threat, and then hoard.

Rahu + Taurus = fake money, market manipulations, booms, and busts; inflationary bubbles which must, at some stage, burst.
Is Mars the needle to Rahu’s balloon? Possibly. It may be a turning point at the very least.

Bitcoin’s price hikes are an expression of Rahu in Taurus, as it represents innovation and digitization. But Rahu is not real and can block other things such as food and shelter for many people not playing the market game. Some may not have what they need, the very basics. Taurus grounds the mind in the senses and what is real and comforting. Rahu is fake. Mars is pushy. Mix the two together and you have the potential for some very shady activity and explosive events that leave some without.

Rahu taps us into a primal fear which, when triggered by Mars, can lead to some questionable actions.

These transits may show many more issues such as famines, water shortages and contamination, as well as further economic hardships. It may also show issues in relationships, even break ups. Venus’ combustion during Mars’ transit further emphasizes a purification that could be used to dispel toxic people and behaviours, but it may also represent destruction for the sake of it.
Rahu blocks Mars from operating at full capacity, preventing its full expression. This can often build tensions which eventually release through explosive events. The recent grounding of 777’s is a good example of what can happen. But there are inner significations too. The outer events can actually help us to understand the inner issues.

What would grounding an airplane fleet show? Perhaps that we must learn to take our energy and contain it, to use it where we can; to ground ourselves. Otherwise, we may find a lack of outlets creates an unbearable build up which explodes in ways we later regret.

If we take the Chernobyl disaster as an example, we realize that it is not a simple case of turning on and off the power switch! We must channel the energy and not allow it to build to dangerous levels, while shutting it down is not even an option if we are to avoid an explosion. If we cannot handle the energy, we may shut it down. But we may not consciously do so. This is more likely as Mars transits alongside Rahu, the north node and eclipse, representing the shadow self.

Mars transits over the June eclipse degree by the beginning of April. This will likely trigger bigger events. There will likely be many explosive events at this point. The earth may be shaking in more ways than one, I imagine. There may be more seismic activity, as well as more aviation problems, issues with supply chains and economic adjustments. There may be personal blow outs, more fighting and tensions in already fraught areas around the world, with new ones breaking out as well.

Be mindful of this throughout March and the first half of April, leading up to Mars and Rahu’s exact conjunction by Mar 28, and until Mars moves into Gemini on Apr 13. Even then, Mars continues to receive and aspect from Rahu in Taurus, before moving into Cancer, where the energy is spent. With Mars conjunct Rahu before then, we may see a lot of energy fluctuations, and is a good reason to balance the input and output of our energy in the meantime.

Do not be afraid of your power and energy, or what is coming up for you to deal with. Avoiding it would be like leaving a power plant to deal with itself. Someone needs to man the controls. That someone is YOU!

Tensions are bound to increase around the world, without an easy avenue for expression. Masses of people display more unconscious and fearful sides of the transits. You can personally be more conscious and mitigate the challenges.

Mars likes to express itself, and when it cannot there may be accidents. We need to channel the energy in a productive manner, or it ends up expressing itself in destructive ways and in accidents.

Notice if you start to stub your toe more or cut your finger. These are the beginning signs of what could become a bigger accident. Sit with your feelings of frustration or anger and realize it is coming from a place of fear. Explore that fear and where it is coming from, or if it is even real. It probably isn’t. Rahu, unlike Saturn, represents fears which are not grounded in reality.
Rahu blocks Mars. Our shadow self can sabotage us. Be open to your shadow nature, to things you think are inappropriate and yet find fascinating. Explore your ‘dark’ side and see if you can bring it into the light of awareness, for a healthier expression and integration.

If something or someone triggers you, be open and curious about why. If you feel threatened or that something or someone you value feels threatened, find a way to be more proactive as opposed to reactive.

Think Chernobyl. Do not allow the energy to build to where an explosion is unavoidable.

Look to the sign Taurus to see where in your life this is occurring, by house position, counting from your rising sign. Then, count from your Moon sign, to see how you feel about it.

Observe a tendency to go to any extremes in an unconscious way, as Rahu tends to distort things, which, when combined with Mars, create a trigger.

Instead, try to regulate your energy through some form of discipline, and ground the oftentimes chaotic energy of Rahu. Breath awareness and the senses are ways to channel the energy through Taurus, Rahu’s exaltation sign, to ground your unreal fears in something real.

You can then begin to enjoy what you have and use the energy of Mars and Rahu in Taurus to do what it is best used for; that is, removing blocks to enjoyment.

Think of the gardener at the end of a hard day, sitting with their feet up and admiring their work. Whatever area of your life Taurus fits into, see if you can make it better by removing the weeds, clearing out what stands in your way, before planting something new, and more beautiful.

Your life is a work of art, which means there is an art to it and there is work to be done.




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