The Problem with Ketu in Scorpio

While there are many advantages to having Ketu transiting Scorpio, as it reveals things that were previously hidden, there are many problems it can bring up. The cover ups, the denials, the revelations, the uncertainties, the cyber-attacks, the scary realities, the need to find someone to blame — all of these could be attributed to Ketu in Scorpio.

Together with Rahu in Taurus, the nodes have shown many problems the world has had to deal with throughout history. There have been attacks, bombings, threats of war, and actual wars, blocks to supply chains and scarcity issues, diseases, including viruses and epidemics. But there have also been revelations which have given us insights into hidden realms, exposing problems, getting to the underlying cause, so we can heal them.

The mapping of the Genome was completed during Ketu’s previous transit to Scorpio, for example, in 2003. We have already seen many advancements in health this year, and more understanding of viruses than ever before, insights that will help us better deal with viruses in the future. More revelations about the origins of the current, and other, viruses are more possible, as Ketu represents the infinitesimally small, while its transit in Scorpio brings things out of hiding. The development of a HIV vaccine is one such example. Ketu in Scorpio has a laser beam-like precision. The recent development at Griffith University of a Covid-19 treatment which can seek out and lock onto the viral RNA is another example.

Sometimes, Ketu in Scorpio uncovers more than we can deal with. It does so, so we can heal. It can also, however, show a denial of what we would prefer were not real, our worst fears come true precisely because of the denial. We can easily see its role in the spread of the virus, for example, as many still deny the existence of any problem at all.

If you do not believe there is a virus, it spreads quicker!

If you have ever caught a virus, you will probably have caught it because you did not know the person you were intimate with had it. And they probably didn’t know they had it either. Scorpio represents intimacy, and all the fears that surround being intimate, as well as the diseases that come from being intimate. And intimacy does not have to mean sexual intimacy, although that too is covered in the sign.

As is the case with the current virus, the 1918 Spanish flu spread because of cover ups and denials. India’s current wave is a good example, but there is a certain level of denial that is occurring all around the world, even while bodies pile high.

The main problem with a virus is that we cannot see it, of course. The nodes are not visible. Ketu in Scorpio is even more elusive and unpredictable, more hidden, and scarier, as a result. And if we cannot see something, we don’t trust it. Ketu is seen as exalted in Scorpio, a sign it is also said to rule, which basically means it has more strength to do more harm, more ability to confound.

I previously predicted mutant strains would begin to become a problem once Ketu entered Scorpio, but really, the biggest problem with Ketu in Scorpio is that we hate uncertainty and would take any theory over not knowing — any day of the week!

Ketu in Scorpio can show a loss of control. We hate that, too. In the context of a virus, we can see how this can get out of hand, spreading like wildfire. Misinformation can spread as quickly if left unchecked.

Ketu in Scorpio does not stand alone, of course. This has to be coupled with Rahu in Taurus, adding further complexity and nuance to the problem, blowing things up into major epidemics and pandemics. Rahu in Taurus shows the fear of lack, lack of resources, lack of safety, of security, and yet further uncertainty.

Other transits have either added to, or are adding to, the problem. Jupiter in Capricorn shows a loss of meaning and a lack of faith in those who would guide us. And Jupiter is not done with Capricorn. It will return here from Sep 14 until Nov 20. This heightens our sense of uncertainty and a lack of faith.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are continuing to challenge borders and personal boundaries. While Saturn’s upcoming retrograde may bring ways out of restriction, it also shows the need to retrace our steps, further challenging us to take a step back and slow down any release from restriction — with an eye on the bigger picture.

Mars is currently challenging the restrictions of Saturn, and this will only intensify in the summer of 2021. Saturn and Mars come into an opposition in June and July, which will become more frustrating for those wishing to do what they want, when they want to, while restrictions remain in place. Saturn will have plenty of opportunity to push back against the push for freedom, creating further tensions during continued restrictions. But hopefully, it will calm and contain things, too.

All of this can lead to the blame game, of course, an attempt to have something or someone to target with all our fears and frustrations. We may either blame some hidden entity or group which appears to have a hidden agenda or blame ourselves, as if we should have known better. Ketu shows the possibility of revealing our blind spots, but it could just as easily blind us.
The uncertainty of the pandemic, together with the denial by some, is actually adding to the loss of control and uncertainty, for everyone.

If we were all on the same page, no matter how hard it was to face, we could all tackle it together. But Ketu in Scorpio, and Rahu in Taurus, divide and conquer through fear — either a fear of lack of resources because of our greed (Rahu in Taurus), or just plain old, gut wrenching fear (Ketu in Scorpio).

They do so very subtlety, of course, but more powerfully exert their hold because of this, working away in the shadows, as our own shadows and primal fears, hidden away where we cannot see them clearly. There is the possibility of seeing into the hidden dynamics as the eclipses bring revelations, as we gain deeper insights into what is going on in secret. But we could also lose perspective and get it completely wrong.

There is a total lunar eclipse conjunct Ketu in Scorpio on May 26, 2021 which may reveal something important, but if it does not, the total solar eclipse in Scorpio on Dec 4, 2021 certainly will.

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