Yogi: Lucky Point in the Horoscope

The word yoga means ‘union’ or ‘yoke’, which, in the calculation of the limbs of time, or pañchāṅga, represents the union of the Sun and Moon, by adding the degrees of both each day of the month. There are 27 possible yogas and connect to the 27 lunar mansions. The exact degree of the combination of the Sun and Moon’s longitude is called the ‘yogi point’.

There are a few ways to calculate the yogi point. One is to add the longitude of the Sun to the longitude of the Moon and then add 93 degrees and 20 minutes, the beginning longitude of Puṣya lunar mansion. This is the first nakshatra when considering the yogi point, as it is also seen as the beginning of the Hoda Chakra (the 108 sounds which divide up the zodiac) and the sign Cancer, the point of creation.

The Moon transits one lunar mansion a day, a distance of 13° 20’, either towards the Sun or away from it, indicating 27 different relationships between them. This links the air element of the lunar mansions to the space element of the Sun and Moon’s combined degrees, as air moves in space.

In the beginning was the word…

The yogi point is connected to the element of space, and to sound, which is connected to the planet Jupiter, representing the underlying connection and cohesion behind everything, which in turn brings growth and abundance.

The yogi point is the good luck point in the chart. When benevolent planets transit the yogi point, it is usually a very positive transit. The planet which rules the lunar mansion the yogi point is placed is the ‘yogi planet’. This planet shows the potential for prosperity in your birth chart along with Jupiter.

Some of the 27 possible combinations or yogas are less advantageous for holding things together, which is what yoga refers to in this case. These less auspicious, less binding combinations, are the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th 13th, 15th 19th and 27th. All other yogas are seen as more auspicious for activities which require coherence and unity.

Jupiter holds everything together — in space, so although you may have a strongly placed yogi planet to bring unity, Jupiter may not be strong in your chart. Both need to be observed.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets, exerting a huge gravitational pull, so that it does not orbit the Sun exactly; instead, both the Sun and Jupiter orbit around a point in space. This is called the barycenter. Jupiter’s huge gravitational pull protects the earth from meteor strikes. Jupiter is literally protecting us here on earth!

Together with the Sun, it shows the underlying unity behind everything. That is why the Sun and Jupiter are both seen as sattvic planets, harmonizing influences in the chart.

When Jupiter is afflicted by Rahu, for example, and there is disharmony or incongruence, the Sun can be propitiated to purify Jupiter. They’ve got each other’s back!

27 Yogas
Each of the 9 Grahas or planets are associated with 3 yogas, just as they associate with 3 of the lunar mansions. Puṣya is associated with Saturn and this starts the 27 yoga count. Saturn is also associated with Anurādhā and Uttara Bhādrapadā, which are the 10th and 19th lunar mansions counted from Puṣya.

The yogi point, and planet which associates with this, as well as the planet Jupiter in a general sense, show the binding force in your birth chart. It shows how well you keep it together. That may be a relationship, a job, whatever. The yoga that was formed when you were born shows how well you do this on the whole.

Here is the list of all 27 yogas and the planets which associate with each.

Duplicate and Avayogi
The planet which rules the Sun sign — Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. — in which this point is contained is called the ‘duplicate yogi’. This is a planet which can also show prosperity and protection in your chart, although this must be qualified with other indications. Everything must be taken into account.

Likewise, the planet which rules the 6th lunar mansion from the lunar mansion your yogi point is placed is referred to as ‘avayogi’, and is seen as a disruptive force in the chart, but again this needs to be qualified with everything else.

​Whenever you put an ‘a’ before a word in Sanskrit, it is usually not a good indication! It indicates the negation of that thing. In this case, avayogi it is the negation of unity, i.e., disunity and incongruence.

The yoga between the Sun and Moon, as well as the yogi point, are important considerations for your whole chart.
While it cannot be the only thing to observe when considering good luck, prosperity and abundance in your life, it is a good place to start.


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